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Recently, three packing lines designed and produced by DYEHOME  for famous chemical enterprises have successfully completed debugging and installation, and will be put into use soon. 

These three packing lines include belt conveyor, vibrating conveyor, leveling conveyor, weighing system, robot palletizer, labeling scanning code detection system. 

 When the packing lines start running, the bulk chemical products from workshop enter the conveying line, the machines in the line will done their action in turn: bagging,vibration flattening, weighing the weight, palletizing bags to the pallet, labeling the outer packing and scanning code detection .

The completion of this project is the result of DYEHOME's full accumulation of experience in the design and manufacturing of chemical product packaging line, and it also is the proof of the strength of DYEHOME brand. It is believed that DYEHOME will be able to serve more chemical enterprises in the future and make positive contributions to the develop of packing solution for this industry.


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