Dyehome Group, as a manufacturer of automatic packaging equipment with more than 17 years' experience, we know exactly the needs of your production line, and according to our judgment, we can help you to provide various kinds of packaging equipment and production line improvement or upgrade plan.


Dyehome Group can provide you with the upgrading service of the equipment. According to your description or your appointment, we can provide you with the on-site judgment to upgrade the equipment and provide you with the best options to help you save money and upgrade the equipment at the same time.

Spare parts upgrade - quickly supply the spare parts required by customers. We have excellent production and warehouse personnel. Meanwhile, we have more than 20,000 vulnerable spare parts for all packaging equipment, and we can quickly identify and inform the way of replacement.

Tool upgrade - the best strategy for prevention, so we provide our customers with a ready-made kit service to help you replace worn parts as soon as you need them, and you can get a free kit with the purchase of our machine.

Refurbishment and upgrading - In order to provide customers with always on time better service, we pay great attention to the development of technical and functional updates. Customers can apply these updates to the machines they have purchased so that they are always at the highest level of efficiency and productivity, and if you do not purchase our equipment, we can also provide this service for you.


Dyehome Group is more committed to various possibilities in the future, so we can help you to upgrade your existing production lines. Thanks to our experience of more than 17 years of manufacturing, we can help you quickly judge and improve the problems, listen to your demands and upgrade your production lines according to these requirements, so that your production line can be rejuvenated.

Training and upgrading - We provide on-site customer training or our factory training, you and your team can come to these training, these training can help you upgrade your own production line, or our upgraded production line maintenance.

Knowledge upgrading - We will regularly provide online guidance services to customers. Meanwhile, we have sorted out and summarized the common problems of customers, which we can provide to customers for free. At the same time, we also have professional solutions for the common problems of the production line and how to upgrade.

Documentation upgrade - including but not limited to user and maintenance manuals, spare parts manuals, wiring diagrams, software, procedures, etc., our detailed documents can help you learn and upgrade, not only the production line upgrade, but also help customers who need to upgrade the production line upgrade team upgrade.


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