Advantages and Disadvantages of M Pallet Wrapping Machine

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There is such a pallet wrapping machine. Its chassis is shaped like the letter M. All M pallet wrapping machines appeared like this. Why do pallet wrapping machines with this shape appear? In fact, many customers use packaging machines that are inconvenient due to the space constraints of loading and unloading forklifts, so we customized and produced such equipment for these customers - the M Pallet Wrapping Machine.

With the increase in market usage, Dyehome Intelligent has standardized the production of this equipment. The M-type pallet wrapping machine has a hole for manual loading and unloading of forklifts. The advantage of this M hole position is that it does not require the customer to make a separate foundation (for example, it is inconvenient to use the equipment on the second floor to make a foundation), and it does not need to be equipped with a slope plate (the space is small and cannot be placed). At this time, we must choose our Dyeohome Intelligent M Pallet wrapping machine.

The M pallet wrapping machine is driven by a transmission structure, so its load capacity cannot be greater than 1000kg. Ordinary pallet wrapping machines use chain drive, while M pallet wrapping machines use friction wheel drive. This is why its load capacity cannot be large. If some manufacturers tell If it has the same load capacity as an ordinary pallet wrapping machine (load capacity 2000kg), then you have to consider whether the manufacturer has made this equipment, or whether it has had any successful cases before.

To summarize, the advantages of the M pallet wrapping machine are: it occupies a small space, is convenient for loading and unloading, and does not restrict the use space. Disadvantages: small load-bearing capacity.

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