Packaging line - Russian project - DYEHOME INTELLIGENT

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Packing line  -  Russian project - DYEHOME INTELLIGENT

Shandong Dyehome Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. provides packaging lines for Russian customers.

Components of packaging line:
1. Top Strapping Machine With Lance:1set
2. Electric turntable:1set
3.Fully Automatic Rotating Arm Stretch Wrapping Machine: 1set
4. Roller Conveyer:10m
5 Control system:1set

1. The goods are positioned in the center through the front end conveying line and transported to the rotating platform under the down-pressure press-through-key baler. The hydraulic pressure device of the press-through-key baler starts, the movement drops, and the key body runs at the same time. Then the movement goes up and the sword goes back. The second strapping shall be completed after the goods continue to be transported in place (the two parallel strapping shall be directly delivered to the conveyor line after the completion of the strapping). The rotating platform of the drill bar shall rotate 90 degrees and repeat the first action to complete the strapping. After the strapping is completed, the strapping shall be rotated 90 degrees and reset before being delivered to the conveyor line. 

2. The goods are transported from the conveying line to the rotating platform provided by the customer at the site for a rotation of 90 degrees, and then transported to the rocker arm online wrapping machine site. After photoelectric positioning, the wrapping machine stops, and the wrapping machine starts to wrap film.

If you have any questions, please contact Shandong Dyehome Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD for discussion.


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