Project solutions of a top-wrapping conveyor line and automatic ton bale shaping machine

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Today Dyehome company will introduce to you a project solution case:

There is a smart automated cold storage project in a supply chain industrial park with a floor height of 43.8 meters. Compared with traditional manual leveling, the warehouse space utilization rate has increased by more than 500% and labor costs have been reduced by more than 90%. This project uses an ultra-high stacker developed by a company, which uses anti-sway technology to achieve a walking speed of 160 meters/minute. According to a project manager of a company, the warehouse can currently complete 90 operations (incoming or outgoing) per hour, and the entire process of putting in or out of a unit of goods is about 2 minutes.


43.8-meter-high intelligent three-dimensional cold storage

This cold storage project is mainly planned as an efficient storage solution for ton bale products. According to the ton bale products, applications such as automatic shaping, automatic fixing of lifting lugs, automatic film wrapping, clamping and shelving, and stacking deformation detection are designed, which effectively solves the problems of ton bale storage. difficulty. Zhao Tongxin said that the main goods stored in this cold storage are pistachios, and ton bags are used as storage units. A ton bag is a large bag filled with pistachios and weighs about 1 ton. However, because the ton bag is a soft packaging, the overall shape may be irregular. Therefore, tons of goods need to be shaped before entering the vertical warehouse. After shaping, they are wrapped and fixed with a wrapping machine so that they can have a regular shape and can also be dust-proof and moisture-proof.


Top-wrapping conveyor and film wrapping line

Automatic ton bag shaping machine

Goods stored in ton bags may still be deformed if stored on the shelves for too long. If the deformation is too large, it may cause storage safety problems. In response to this problem, a company installed a stack shaping function in the project system. The specific operation process and principle are as follows: a visual recognition system is installed on the stacker's cargo platform. After obtaining the instruction, the stacker will inspect all cargo locations. If it is found that the goods in a certain cargo location are excessively deformed, The warehouse-out operation will be automatically triggered, and the deformed ton-bag goods will be sent out to the shaping machine, where they will be re-shaped and film-wrapped. After the ton-bag shape is regularized, they will be put on the shelf for secondary storage.



 In addition, the project fully realized and played the due role of the information system. With the application of information systems, inventory accuracy has been greatly improved in Logistics warehousing operations, reaching more than 99.99%.




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