Top pressure pallet wrapping machine with ramp

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Dyehome focus on the top pressure pallet wrapping machine with ramp design and production, who has more powerful features, longer service life, while lower failure and price is more favorable.
One worker at a time, save subsequent packaging and processing time, improve efficiency and reduce labor costs.
Top pressure pallet wrapping machine with ramp circular column, beautiful and practical, compared with other enterprises, this structure is more durable and safer
Universal design of the touch screen, graphical display, no language

The equipment has the function of origin start and point start, flexible to adapt to customer packaging needs.

1.Automatic Film Clamp, Film Cut, Film Weld
Top pressure pallet wrapping machine with ramp will cut and weld the film automatically. There is no need for workers to cut the film with tools, which is very helpful for users."
2.Function operation
Touch screen operation
Muti-layer Function can set different wrapping circles, maximum we can set 9 layers for pallet.
Have reinforce wrapping function. 
3.Saving Film Consumption
With pre-stretch film carriage, up to 250%~300% pre-stretch rate. 
Tension can be adjusted to meet a variety of goods
Make stretching effect more uniform and smooth
4. Durable turntable
Low noise and energy saving

The turntable is made of 10mm high-density steel plate and nylon tugs, which is durable and not easy to deform.

5.Control System

PLC control
Various brands of optional configurations
Better Spare Parts
SIEMENS or Omron or Inovance or EASYDRIVE+3:7
6.Metal Column & Double Chain
Photoelectric sensor automatically senses pallet height in auto mode with safety trip switch for extra 
Double chain lifting system, more safety 

With nylon tugs, Most customers use

7.Optional function

1. With weighing scale

2. With Ramp

3. With Top pressing
4. Increase height or turntable diameter "
Shandong Dyehome Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd was established in April 2005, is a professional engaged in R & D, design, manufacturing automation packaging equipment and intelligent packaging. On March 18, 2016, the New Third Board was successfully listed. The stock abbreviation is Dyehome Intelligent, and the stock code is 836635.

DYEHOME office center in DmiPark in the building no.62, covers an area of about 1,000㎡, production research and development center is located in jinan pingyin industrial park, economic development zone,covers an area of 10,000 ㎡, production proand, with perfect palletizing, packaging, warehousing logistics delivery system, etc., to help customers realize packaging automation, do professional overall packaging solutions and perfect one-stop customized service of the brand.

Dyehome company can supports customization functions, including Customized logo, Customized packaging, Graphic customization,and can also control size, packaging height, etc.Top pressure pallet wrapping machine with ramp




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