Yihai Kerry - Application cases of palletizing conveying and packaging system

Dyehome Group helped Yihai Kerry Group's factory in Yantai City, Shandong Province, China to customize a set of equipment. It helped them free labor and improve efficiency. The packaged goods were automatically put into storage or sent out, which increased the competitiveness of the products in the market.

Pneumatic fixture clamping film, automatic film, automatic welding film, and automatic welding flat film tail; Automatic welding film, so that the film can effectively adhere to the goods, prevent film loosening; Pallets in the middle, suitable for wide width and size of goods; Accurate positioning of turntable, rotary support transmission, high precision, strong stability, turntable frequency conversion adjustment, convenient maintenance and maintenance, turntable automatic reset; Siemens control system, the internal wiring is reasonable, inverter, relay ,circuit breaker are selected Schneider brand, with Siemens PLC, make the whole control


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