Yikang - Application cases of arm type wrapping system

Jinan Yikang Food Factory Co., LTD., founded in 1977, is a large-scale food processing enterprise specializing in the production of moon cakes, zongzi, glutinous rice balls, fruit cake, peach crisp, bread, birthday cake and other Chinese and western pastries, pasta and frozen food.

Fully automatic rotary arm wrapping packaging machine, mainly suitable for large production capacity, high efficiency production environment, and can meet a variety of cargo changes. Can be customized according to customers' needs, can cooperate with the production and assembly line, can also be used for packaging alone, the machine can automatically complete the whole process of goods sensing, alignment, transportation, packaging, etc. Among them, the conveyor can be selected according to the customer's site and requirements, the roller, belt, chain and so on can be satisfied


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