Russian customer's online wrapping machine completed production

Date: 2024-01-20Id:109Views:

On January 11, 2024, the production of the online wrapping machine customized for Russian customers was completed. The export manager, Miss Angle, inspected the online wrapping machine at the factory, and took pictures and videos to share with Russian customers. The customer was very satisfied with the Dyehome machine. If satisfied, the factory will package and ship the machine.

The Russian customer purchased 2 online wrapping machines, which can automatically load, cut, and erect the film. They can cooperate with the conveyor line to complete automatic purchase, packaging, and shipment without manual operation.

The fully automatic online wrapping machine is a packaging machine adapted to assembly line operations. It is very suitable for the automated packaging needs of modern enterprises. It plays a very positive role in improving packaging efficiency, reducing labor intensity, and effectively utilizing human resources. Dyehome company can integrate packaging with conveyors, carton erector, palletizers, carton sealer, strapping machines, and wrapping machines to provide customers with complete line packaging solutions.




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