Level strapping machine

Level strapping machine

Level strapping machine.The standard stroke of the movement is 500mm, and the difference of the width of the goods is allowed to be 500mm


Fully automatic horizontal strapping machine packs the products placed on the pallet through horizontal straps to ensure that the products are not scattered during transportation and storage due to weak binding, and that the products are neatly bound and beautiful
It is suitable for the goods with certain regularity in length and width, and the minimum belt height can be 200mm from the ground
The machine can be expanded to include automatic vertical fastening machine and horizontal strapping machine with pressure device.

Model Parameters
Standard equipment size 3680*1600*3530mm
Power supply 3/N   PE AC380V
Power of equipment 2.2KW
Voltage of control 24V   DC
Strength of binding 200-2500N
Speed of packing 15 S/A
Standard cargo size 1200*1200*1500(L*W*H)
Positioning setting Touch screen numerical control teaching
Paper core specification 406mm
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