Environmental Protection Industry Automatic packaging system solutions

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Automatic packaging system solutions. For junk coil wrapping package, prevent secondary pollution in the process of transportation, at the same time avoid spam by ultraviolet (uv) radiation pollution during storage, cooperate with the biodegradable material can effectively accelerate the degradation process, after the landfill as well as reduce garbage storage space and odor pollution, mass transport packaging garbage can at the same time, for the enterprise to save disposed of the rubbish in the process of transportation cost, At the same time can be stored in thermal power plant and cement plant, used as alternative fuels for incineration, as the national one hundred major cities without waste policy, energy conservation and emission reduction policy, more and more customers need to add in the packaging of the equipment, the technology is already very mature at the same time, break through the foreign enterprise technology blockade, lower prices, better service, faster delivery time, For you and the enterprise to avoid worries.

Six-sided packing and conveying system

On May 13, 2024, Jinan Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau approved the environmental impact report of  China Everbright Environment Protection Croup Co., Ltd. Jinan Food Waste Treatment and Kitchen Collaborative Technical Transformation Project.Horizontal wrapping machine

The main construction contents include:

(1) Construction of a food waste oil extraction system with a processing capacity of 90 tons/day.

(2) Build a new 2-ton/hour gas-fired boiler to burn biogas produced by anaerobic fermentation to generate saturated steam for production use. The project's anaerobic fermentation system, biogas purification system, biogas slurry and residue treatment system, waste gas and wastewater treatment facilities, accident pool, hazardous waste temporary storage room and other auxiliary projects, storage and transportation projects, and public works are all based on existing projects. The total investment of the project is 9 million CNY, of which 830,000 CNY is invested in environmental protection. After the technical transformation, it can achieve a co-processing capacity of 90 tons/day of food waste, reducing the amount of food waste processed by the same amount. The total waste processing capacity of the entire plant remains unchanged. is 600 tons/day.

The chairman of Shandong Dyhome Company was invited to participate in this project.


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