The 30th China International Disposable Paper Expo (CIDPEX2023)was end on May 16th

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 The 30th China International Disposable Paper Expo(CIDPEX2023) was end on May 16thwas end on May 16th at the Nanjing International Expo Center. Industry enterprises and professionals gathered in Nanjing, making it the largest and most popular professional exhibition in the paper industry!

Shandong DYEHOME Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd join this exbihition,for the paper indutry we can provide paper roll wrapping machine,V type chain vonveyor,reel stertch wrapper ,labeling,weight function , arm type wrapping machine and other type machine for this industry.Bale handling and slitting system,Paper coil mandrel processing system,
Loading and unloading system of the original paper roll,
Paper roll automatic storage and storage system,Scrap connection and nonconforming recovery system

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