Assemble and move palletizing robot

Assemble and move palletizing robot

Assemble and move palletizing robot Rich functions and core components, can meet the bulk parts grab, embedded, assembly, grinding, processing and other extensive user needs Handling & Palletizing robot,Through rich functions and core components, it can meet the needs of a wide range of users such as bulk parts grabbing, embedding, assembly, grinding and processing.


A wide range of action, the construction of efficient processing line  
The allowable torque of the reinforced wrist shaft can correspond to a variety of large workpieces
Reduce the number of cables between the robot and the control cabinet, improve the maintenance while providing simple equipment 
The robot can operate in a small space and correspond to various large workpieces



Model MOTOMAN-GP280/GP250/GP225/GP215/GP180
Degrees freedom 6
Horizontal extension length 2446㎜/2710㎜/2702㎜/2912㎜/2702
Removable mass 280kg/250kg/225kg/215kg/180kg
Mass of bulk 1300kg/1345kg/1340kg/1340kg/1020kg
 Repositioning resolution ±0.05mm
 Protection grade Body: IP54, wrist axis: IP67
 Installation Method Land placement type
Application Handling, picking/packing, palletizing, assembling/sub-packing


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