Collaborative robot palletizer

Collaborative robot palletizer

Cost-Effective, Collaborative robot palletizer ThatShip Quickly, Install Easily and Run Efficiently. Designed for Case & Box Palletizing Under 20KG.



Collaborative robot palletizer has different load capacities of 3-20KG, which can cover different applications in various industries. The rich configuration options can quickly meet the needs of various industry application scenarios, which is an ideal choice to improve production efficiency and low cost operation.



Base style: Installation Base Lifting Base
Specification 3950*1724mm 3950*1724mm
Max Load 20kg 20kg
Pallet Working Radius 1600mm 1600mm
Pallet Size 1250*1250mm 1250*1250mm
Power Supply 200-240V 50/60Hz 200-240V 50/60Hz
Palletizing Height 1650mm(including pallet) 2100mm(including pallet)
Max. Working Speed 1.2M/S 1.2M/S
Range of Motion(ROM) J1 : +360° J1 : +360°
J2 : +125° J2 : +125°
J3 : 土160° J3 : 土160°
J4 :土180° J4 : 土180°
J5 : 土360° J5 : 土360°
J6 : 土360° J6 : 土360°
Max.Speed of Motion J1/J2/J3: 148°/s J1/J2/J3: 148°/s
J4/J5/J6: 186°/s J4/J5/J6: 186°/s
Positioning Accuracy +0.04mm +0.04mm
Communication Type EtherCAT EtherCAT
IP Grade IP54 IP54
Temperature Range 0-55°C 0-55°C
Material Aluminum alloy, Carbonfiber Aluminum alloy, Carbonfiber


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