Encircle wrapping machine

Encircle wrapping machine

Encircle wrapping machine.Vertical ring winding packing machine, can use multi-layer wrapping paper packaging, can play the role of dust-proof, moisture-proof, protect the product surface.


Vertical ring body winding packing machine is a novel winding packing machine specially designed and manufactured for steel belt and other metal ring items (such as bearings, steel belt, steel wire, steel ring, aluminum belt, etc.). Its advantages are that it completely replaces manual winding packing, packaging speed is fast, easy to operate, greatly improve the production efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of workers.



Model Parameters
packing width 200-500mm
product outside dia 400-1200mm
product inner dia 200-500mm
packing materia width 70-90mm
outside dia ≤500mm
packing effciency 19-57RPM/min
roller weight capacity 1000kg
Power Supply 380V
Power 2.5kw
weight 1000kg
Machine size 2100mm*1000mm*H1500mm


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