Mining coiling machine

Mining coiling machine

Mining coiling machine has applications in many industries. Coiling machine is a mechanical equipment for rolling products into rolls.


Coiler is used in many industries.
A coiler is a mechanical device that rolls a product into a roll.
There are many types of coiler, which can be divided into three types according to its use and structure:
1. Coiler with tension reel is usually used to coil steel plate or strip under the condition of tension in cold state
2. Roller coiler, used for hot coiling, cold coiling steel plate and strip
3. Wire and small steel coiler



Model Parameters
Model number
Winding width  1800mm
Winding diameter  3000mm
Lifting weight  10 tons
Machine power  11kw
Power supply voltage  380v (three-phase)
Motor speed  10r/min
Motor displacement 2.5
Pressure  25Mpa


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