Horizontal wrapping machine

Horizontal wrapping machine

Horizontal wrapping machine is spiral wound on the surface of the goods to make the packed goods have strong stability, dustproof and moisture-proof effect


Safe, stable, efficient, convenient, beautiful and generous, dust and moisture proof.

It is controlled by plc programmable controller. adopt man-machine dialogue touch screen. 

The degree of overlap can be adjusted according to packaging requirements. optical inductance measurement, automatic continuous operation. the membrane frame automatically resets. 

With winding film, non-woven fabric and composite paper as the main packaging materials, the packaging materials rotate around the uniformly moving goods through the rotary arm system.

At the same time, the stretching mechanism adjusts the swelling force of the packaging materials to package the object into a tight whole, and forms spiral regular packaging on the surface of the object, and wraps the long bar, pipe, plate and wire. 



Model Parameters
Packing effciency 20-30loads/hour
Turntable rotation speed:
0-80rpm/min  adjustable
Max Load Weight 1000KG
Power Supply 380V 50HZ
Power 2.3KW
Standard Pre-Stretch 200-250%
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