Ring type wrapping machine

Ring type wrapping machine

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New structure

Film no head and tail

Optional control system

Wrapping at any position

Layout is reasonable with small area

Packing efficiency up to 120 Pallet/Hour

Equipped with transmission line

Operating system, efficient and simple

Up to 36 packaging options are available

Flexible application, convenient and efficient

Photoelectric switch detection of cargo height

Save packaging cost about 2000 dollars per year

Save packaging cost for enterprises

Packing method can be arbitrarily selected

Allow the film prevent the film from loosening

Faster speed, safer use, and almost zero failure rate
Ring body uses the unique design, the service life is longer

Automatic feed film clip film, automatic welding film, no film tail

Model Parameters
Turntable Speed 30-45RPM(Adjustable)
 Maximum wrapping speed 60-120 pallet/hour
Maximum pallet size 1.2*1.2 m 
Maximum Wrapping Height 2000mm 
Max Load Weight 2000KG
Power Supply 380V 50HZ
Power 7.5KW
Machine Size L3400xW3400xH3200mm
Standard Pre-Stretch 300-350%
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