Slewing wheel online wrapping machine

Slewing wheel online wrapping machine

Slewing wheel online wrapping machine,is tug and slewing support work together to achieve greater load bearing effect and longer service life


Meet all kinds of customer transportation requirements

Be matched with a variety of transportation lines

Applicable to a wide range of industries

Fully automatic wrapping process

Customizable control system

Bearing weight up to 2500kg

Pallet centered delivery

Positioning accuracy



Model Parameters
Turntable Size 2000mm
Turntable Speed 0-12RPM(Adjustable)
 Maximum wrapping speed 10-30 loads/hour
Maximum pallet size 1.2*1.2 m 
Maximum Wrapping Height 2000mm 
Max Load Weight 2000KG
Power Supply 110/220/380V 50HZ
Power 2.3KW
Machine Size L3195xW2000xH2800mm
Machine Weight 1000Kg
Standard Pre-Stretch 250-300%
Standard Film Width 500mm
Air 1000ml/min
Pressure 0.4-0.6MPa
Roller width 1300mm
Roller diameter 89mm
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