Assemble and move palletizing robot GP7

Assemble and move palletizing robot GP7

Assemble and move palletizing robot GP7,Through rich functions and core components, it can meet the needs of a wide range of users such as bulk parts grabbing, embedding, assembly, grinding and processing.


DOF: 6
Horizontal extension length: 927mm
Removable mass: 7kg
 Repositioning resolution: ±0.01mm
Protection grade: IP67
Installation methods : Place type, wall type, upside down type, tilt type
Application: Handling, picking/packing, palletizing, assembling/sub-packing


Production efficiency has been greatly improved  

The synthetic speed is about 30% higher than the original model to achieve beat time reduction  

The design of reducing the interference between the arm and the peripheral equipment is adopted  

With hollow arm structure, the sensor cable and gas pipeline can be built into the solid structure of anti-interference  

The robot wrist part adopts IP67 standard  

It can be drawn from the corresponding joint base facing down 

Improve maintainability  

Reduce the number of cables between the robot and the control cabinet  

Improve the maintenance while providing simple equipment  

Greatly reduce the cable regular replacement operation time 


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